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SUN68 sneaker squad: get the whole family looking fresh

SUN68 sneaker squad: get the whole family looking fresh

SUN68 SS21 collection

What's better than wearing the coolest sneakers yourself? Wearing them as a family of course! Imagine your kids and partner matching and wandering through the streets looking all fresh. SUN68 has got you covered with a colorful and exciting collection.

His, hers, theirs

SUN68 is mostly known for its colorful and comfortable sneakers. Generally known as a men's fashion specialist, SUN68 keeps women and kids in mind with their signature sneaker collection that is available for everyone.

Men's line

Want to match with your colourful hubby? Try these bold sneakers.

Women's line

SUN68 also treats women with a bulkier model, for a more sporty 'dad sneaker' look.

Women's line

For the kids, you can choose from sneakers with laces, straps, or even both. This in combination with a semi-thick sole, makes the sneakers more than comfortable to move in style.

Kid's line

Find all SUN68 pictures here.

About SUN68

SUN68 is an Italian casual-wear brand, dedicated to designing clothes with particular attention to details and research in materials. With the idea of designing for everyday situations, SUN68 seeks to distance itself from the traditional rules of fashion, and is both being inspired and seeks to inspire common people and their everyday lives. SUN68 came about in 2005 as a project, whose goal was to design clothes for what appeared to be a gap in the fashion market: people no longer seen as final customers, but eventually at the centre of a creative process. SUN68 has entered the fashion world from the back door, creating a line of products that stood out for their uncompromising aesthetics and original design.