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SUN68 FW20: casual, but make it funky

SUN68 FW20: casual, but make it funky

Rethink everyday life with SUN68

The Italian brand SUN68 aims to distance itself from traditional fashion. The brand does so by drawing inspiration from ordinary people and their everyday lives. Their motto: rethink everyday life. For the FW20 collection, SUN68 makes daily life more fun by working with overlays. Every outfit starts off with a formal basic, adding casual and funky pieces to create different playful and contemporary looks.

Outdoor trend

This fall/winter, SUN68 was inspired by their sport-heritage and the current outdoor trend, which is very big this season. The sporty outdoor inspiration is clearly visible, in both the materials and details. We see a lot of suède and nappa items in the shoes collection, as well as soft velvet and teddy items in the main collection. The colors used in this collection are more traditional fall tones: navy, brown and burgundy.

Build your outfit

This season, SUN68 introduces overlays to make every outfit unique. Start with a casual formal item like a basic t-shirt, a classy shirt in neutral colors or an everyday sweater.

Combine these neutrals with a funky overlay to create a contemporary look. A sleeveless sweater, a bold jacket or a teddy vest with fluo detailing will do just the trick.

Urban outdoor shoes

The outdoor trend is also very apperent in the FW shoe collection. The highlight of this season is the typical SUN68 sneaker with colourful outdoor accents, for example bright fluo laces. By integrating fluo details, SUN68 gives your look a playful twist.

The finishing touch

To complete your fall/winter outfit, SUN68 also offers cozy scarfs and hats. Choose from different fall colours or colorblocking prints to perfect your look.

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About SUN68

SUN68 is an Italian casual-wear brand, dedicated to designing clothes with particular attention to details and research in materials. With the idea of designing for everyday situations, SUN68 seeks to distance itself from the traditional rules of fashion, and is both being inspired and seeks to inspire common people and their everyday lives. SUN68 came about in 2005 as a project, whose goal was to design clothes for what appeared to be a gap in the fashion market: people no longer seen as final customers, but eventually at the centre of a creative process. SUN68 has entered the fashion world from the back door, creating a line of products that stood out for their uncompromising aesthetics and original design.