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Shine bright with the SS20 Women's shoe collection of SUN68

Shine bright with the SS20 Women's shoe collection of SUN68

Here's to a vibrant summer!

Of course you already know and adore the men's collection of SUN68. Especially their vibrant shoe collection is adored by many. But did you already know they have an equally energetic sneaker collection for women?

SUN68 is all about designing urban shoes with a fun and playful look to take every outfit to the next level. By adding a touch of femininity, the fun-loving shoes of this new collection are perfect to kick off your joyful urban summer!

Bold colors

Do you love bold colors but are you a little afraid to experiment with them? Why not start bottom up with some brightness? The SUN68 shoes are the ultimate bold fashion statement. They will make your outfit *pop* with minimal effort.

Playful prints

Life is too short to wear boring shoes! That's why SUN68 uses all sorts of playful prints in their collection for women. You will never look boring while wearing these beauties!

Glitter is always a good idea

You can never go wrong with some sparkles on your feet. These fun-loving shoes will have you walking on sunshine in no time!

Add a little extra to your monochrome outfit

Monochrome is one of the hottest trends this season. But if you're not careful, your outfit could easily become a little bland. Want to rock a vivid monochrome look? SUN68 has got you covered!

Flower power

Embrace the flower power vibes this season with these gorgeous floral sneakers!

You can find more images of the SUN68 women's shoe collection here.


About SUN68

SUN68 is an Italian casual-wear brand, dedicated to designing clothes with particular attention to details and research in materials. With the idea of designing for everyday situations, SUN68 seeks to distance itself from the traditional rules of fashion, and is both being inspired and seeks to inspire common people and their everyday lives. SUN68 came about in 2005 as a project, whose goal was to design clothes for what appeared to be a gap in the fashion market: people no longer seen as final customers, but eventually at the centre of a creative process. SUN68 has entered the fashion world from the back door, creating a line of products that stood out for their uncompromising aesthetics and original design.