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Let’s go outdoors: SUN68 styles for the wilderness of the urban jungle

Let’s go outdoors: SUN68 styles for the wilderness of the urban jungle

City outfits with a rugged touch

Functionality, practicality and style are the key concepts of the outdoor trend that inspired the FW collection of SUN68. These outfits are for everyone: real adventurers who go outside looking for the most beautiful scenic views, more urban types who prefer to watch a National Geographic from the comfort of their own home, or really any urbanite who is always looking for their next hike. With sweaters, jackets and more in warm nappa and suède materials, you're ready to conquer any (urban) jungle.

These shoes are made for hiking

This season, SUN68 launches their iconic sneakers in nature-inspired colours like brown, grey and green, in addition to the basics that are available throughout the season. These sneakers are perfect for a long hike, as well as for a run to a local supermarket.

Keeping warm

These items will not only keep you warm during an autumnal hike in the forest, but also from the walk home from your favourite bar.

Shelter Jacket

Even though we try, the weather isn't always predictable. A rainy day can occur in the woods, but is no exception in the city either. No matter what situation you're in, SUN68 will protect you with these rain jackets!

Essential flannel shirts

And last but not least: of course, we can't forget about the typical flannel shirt sweater when heading into the (urban) jungle. These lumberjack-fashion items are essential in any outdoors-inspired wardrobe.

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About SUN68

SUN68 is an Italian casual-wear brand, dedicated to designing clothes with particular attention to details and research in materials. With the idea of designing for everyday situations, SUN68 seeks to distance itself from the traditional rules of fashion, and is both being inspired and seeks to inspire common people and their everyday lives. SUN68 came about in 2005 as a project, whose goal was to design clothes for what appeared to be a gap in the fashion market: people no longer seen as final customers, but eventually at the centre of a creative process. SUN68 has entered the fashion world from the back door, creating a line of products that stood out for their uncompromising aesthetics and original design.